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Visualize the changes (and similarities) between today's Petaluma, and the Petaluma of yesteryear. Narrated by Ron Walters. Written and produced by David Levitt Waxman. Special Thanks: Petaluma Historical Library & Museum.

Tour of Petaluma, CA

Welcome to my lovely hometown in the heart of the Sonoma County Wine Country, Petaluma, CA. My heart's desire would be traveling to Iceland and representing Wow Air's favorite destinations with my best friend, Natalie! Click here to learn more about Petaluma.

A Virtual Toast from Sonoma County

Around the world, distance separates us right now. But while we all may come from different places, and have different cultures, customs, and languages, there’s something universal about the act of toasting. We may say “cheers” in different ways and have different toasting customs, but the act of raising a glass is a universal language of love. When we see that glass raised, we know what it means. From our Sonoma County wineries, restaurants, breweries, and homes, we raise a glass to you, cheers!

Discover Sonoma's Scenic Beauty

Sonoma County is one of California’s most diverse natural destinations. More than 50 regional and state parks beckon travelers to hike through redwood forests, paddle along the Pacific coast, or just sit down and enjoy the sounds of nature.

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Cathy’s training as an attorney and Tina’s background in health care enhance their ability to advocate for and serve their clients.More importantly, their clients achieved their dreams, everyone learned something while in the process.

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